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Airports, Neck and Back Pain, Oh My!

Waiting for my Delta Flight in Terminal A of Boston's Logan Airport, I battled the combined sensation of the joy of and pain. Having enduring a cold start to December and just finished my first semester at Babson for my MBA, I was happy to be heading South to Miami and Cartagena, Colombia for winter break.

So where does the pain come from one might ask? My neck and back. At 6'4'' I thought I might be an unusual case -- I'm generally uncomfortable on tight airlines simply due to my size. But as I gazed around the terminal waiting area, I noticed that everyone else was looking down all the time -- while feeling my own neck pain writing this very article at 8 am. 


My laptop actually fell over the top of this very table above. In all of the time I've spent prototyping portable standing desks in 2017, I've never had my Surface fall off. I'm not blaming the table, but I actually pushed my computer over the back. I'm just too tall for the standing table seen above and can barely see down to it. One of the problems with the standing stations that are popping up in airports and coffee shops such as Starbucks is that they are one size fits all. If you are 5'10, you are in luck with these tables. If you are 5'3 or 6'4 in my case, you are not going to be comfortable for more than 15 minutes of standing work time.

So while I intentionally left my Standly at home for vacation, I found myself regretting not having my portable standing desk for my time in the airports as I battled airport neck pain. 


With a follow on connector flight in the afternoon, my back feels okay but I know it's just a matter of time before I get hit by the airport double whammy of combined neck and back pain. I'd be more comfortable typing if I were sitting, but I want to stand because I know that I will be sitting for five out of the next eight hours. 

Am I the only one feeling this pain I think to myself?


As I took my 33A seat in the second to last row of my Delta flight, I traded the good feeling of standing having worked the past hour into the pain of my back in the cramped flight. I'm not trying to knock Delta -- in fact they had just upgraded the seats and large HD TVs on the new plane I was riding -- I'm just tall and generally uncomfortable typing in my airplane seat. 


Right now Standly is focused on creating portable standing desks that sit on the top of surfaces. While we have prototypes that "stand alone" (meaning they aren't a sit-on-the-top standing desk) they are slightly bulkier and not easily portable in a lap top bag like other Standly models. We will be experimenting with specific versions for airport usage later on in 2018.


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