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3D Printing and Evolution of the Portable Standing Desk

Standly was initially created out of a need to help students have the ability to use a standing desk. After receiving great feedback from our initial customers -- most of whom were first time standing desk users -- we are now entering the 3D printing phase of product development to double the surface area of our desks with modular designs.

Standing desks have exploded in popularity in offices around the country, but no solution existed for students to enjoy the healthy benefits of standing and working in the dorm room, library, coffee shop, or even class. The original version of Standly enabled students to have a portable standing desk solution that easily fit in a small laptop bag with a ''12x"12 top large enough to hold any standard-sized laptop. The ball flex on top of the tripod allows customers to easily angle their laptop down to avoid wrist pain. 


Expanded Workstation with 3D Printing

Our new designs built using Solidworks software will expand Standly to function as a true mobile workstation where users can hold a notebook, cell phone, and a beverage. We aim to provide to provide the functionality of a premium standing desk with ultimate portability at an affordable price point so that people working in multiple places can enjoy the healthy benefits of a portable standing desk. 


A special thanks goes out to the team at the 3D Experience Lab of Dassault Systems for providing us Solidworks software and 3D printing resources to bring our designs to life. Having access to a variety of different 3D printers and a dedicated staff has been invaluable as we continue to rapid prototype and experiment with different concepts to bring the next version of Standly to market. 



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